I have developed tailor made training packages for various professionals who play a key role in supporting Looked After and Adopted Children (Social Workers, Residential Workers, Teachers and Teaching Assistants, Foster Carers and Adopters). I provide training in Developmental Trauma, Attachment Theory, the Impact of Trauma on Neurological Functioning, Psychological Interventions addressing the Complex Needs of Looked After and Adopted Children, Therapeutic Parenting, Attachment in the Classroom and Attachment in Residential Care. I have also given training to Social Workers on Using Narratives to Facilitate Attachment in Adopted Children and on Managing Transitions. I have presented at Wiltshire’s Adoption Conference on The Impact of Maternal Stress on the Unborn Child and in Early Infancy.

The training I offer aims to integrate up to date research findings and evidence based practice from leading professionals in the field (e.g. Dan Hughes, Kim Golding, Julie Hudson, Alison Keith, Kate Cairns, Margot Sunderland, Louise Michelle Bomber, Alan Schore, Bruce Perry, Bessel van der Kolk etc).

My colleague Julie Hudson can be contacted to provide level one and two of Dan Hughes’ Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy / Attachment Focused Family Therapy, please email for further details.